Who we are

Netlight provides genuine consulting services for leaders in the digital industry. The combination of competence, creativity and business sense is what makes Netlight stand out as a service provider, and are also the characteristics of each individual Netlighter.

As an independent solution provider in the digital industry, a broad and deep knowledge range is more important than narrow expertise in known areas. This is where our competence shines. Creativity is the power to act and as engaged leaders we drive our client’s ambitious agenda. To ensure we deliver significant value we need our business sense to understand how value is created in the various companies and industries we serve. This is how we create tangible results.

Netlight was founded in the middle of the digital revolution in 1999, developing solutions for the pioneers of the Internet. Since the beginning our success has depended on us growing talent, creating together, and engaging in challenges.

Edge at Netlight – a culture of sharing knowledge

We grow talent. A dedicated team of recruiters is continuously looking for great people, with the right skill set and professional attitude to become a genuine consultant. In addition, we are looking for people with compatible values who can contribute to our culture. Through aware search we are able to identify Netlighters out of a huge number of professionals that we meet on a daily basis. Once employed, to continue to grow, every Netlighter has its own mentor that coaches her through her entire career at Netlight supported by our Genuine Consulting training Program.

We create together. Our culture is based on extensive knowledge sharing and the passion to learn from each other. This cross-boundary exchange is the source of our success. Clients profit not only from the skills of one consultant but the input of 2000 professionals world-wide sharing their knowledge and experience. This is done on a daily basis where consultants reach out to each other, but also in meetups and training as well as annual conferences. We call this Edge.

We engage in challenge. We are helping leaders of the digital industry to be successful, this means that some things actually have never been done before. Projects need to be conducted in close cooperation with the client which implies local presence of our own people. We do not outsource work. We are solution providers in the sense that we are a reliable partner where there is no apparent solution.

netlight infos on a map

Today Netlight has over 2000 consultants in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich and Cologne. Digital transformation today goes far beyond pioneers and so does our industry reach. We implement new solutions, covering media, games, e-commerce, finance and payment and the industrial Internet of Things.

We are proud to be leaders of the digital revolution.