Transaction related to Netlight’s ownership structure


The board of directors, major shareholders, and the partner group in Netlight Consulting AB (“Netlight”) are pleased to announce an overwhelmingly positive response to the proposed changes to the company’s ownership and corporate structure (the “Transaction”) laid out in the Application Form sent to shareholders via SEB on 22 November 2021 (the “Application Form”). 

As of the deadline of 10 December 2021, shareholders representing 99.7% of the shares in Netlight Consulting had chosen to participate in the Transaction.  In order to ensure that as many shareholders as possible had the opportunity to participate, the deadline was thereafter extended until 21 December 2021.  On 22 December 2021, with 99.8% acceptance of the offer, the go-ahead was given to complete the Transaction. 

This represents the successful conclusion of extensive discussions amongst the different Netlight interest groups.  All parties believe strongly in the unique Netlight culture, market position and future potential.  The new structure enables employees to benefit from a greater share of future value creation, thereby providing a platform for the company’s continued growth and stability.  Most importantly, the structure is intended to further enhance Netlight’s ability to continue serving and adding value to its customers.

As part of the changes, Neqst, an investment firm focused on IT software and services companies, has become an owner holding over 10% of the shares in the newly established holding company, Netlight AB, into which Netlight Consulting shareholders have transferred their shares.  It is intended that Neqst will be an active owner and the major shareholders have agreed that Neqst’s co-founder Erik Fröberg will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Netlight AB.

We greatly appreciate shareholders’ positive response to the Transaction and all parties look forward to working within the new structure to ensure Netlight’s continued success.

Please note: Completion of the transaction has now been initiated. However, we would like to inform shareholders who chose to transfer shares to Netlight AB that Euroclear registration will not be completed until sometime during Q1 of 2022 and until then their shares will not be visible in their accounts.