Digitalization is not about the machines. Not about the cogs, the levers, or the mechanics. Digitalization is about people.

We have created a space for ourselves on the front lines, choosing, everyday, that spot to exist. Moving together, we drive the digital revolution, knowing and accepting that while we cannot predict the future, the future is ours to create.

By building a culture that embraces us all fully, as human and as people, we are propelled forward by the force that lies naturally within us all. We don’t work to restrict. We work only to release.

We are digitalization. We are the people. 

We are Netlight.

Personal development is what develops our company. It makes us strong, it makes us grow, and it makes us happy. We know that our combined strength grows as we help each other develop, so we take the time and we put in the effort, and we applaud each other as we make new strides together.

Our collective knowledge grows stronger by our sharing, and our sharing of knowledge is what we refer to as Edge. Edge happens over lunch between colleagues, at huge conferences, on grand stages, in office spaces, over the phone, in online chat boxes, over early morning breakfasts, and late night dinners.

Edge includes all Netlighters, as well as our clients. By bringing our clients together at EdgeX events, we help them grow with us.

This is our culture of sharing.

Netlight is an organic system built on trust, freedom, and agency. We trust each other to do the right things. Without the overhead of constantly trying to predict and control the outcome of what we do, we are free to focus on producing tangible value and results. We agree that the people closest to any issue are the people best equipped to deal with it, and we agree to help each other whenever we are needed or called on.

We don’t have a fixed chain of command, we don’t have bosses or unnecessary hierarchies. At Netlight, we see the clear correlation between personal growth and the growth of our company. We all have a mentor, someone to guide and work with us, someone to help us become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

When we chose with whom to work, be it a new Netlighter or a new client, we always look for the values they can to enrich our culture with. We know that companies don’t have values, but people do! Knowing that, and knowing who we are gives us the confidence to listen to others, embrace their ideas, and move forward together.


We are a value driven company, which means that our personal values drive Netlight forward. Inclusiveness and diversity are required for this to work, as we are all contributing to our living culture. Equality is as vital to our success, as it is to us.

Our equality initiatives go outside our immediate company scope, including the entire industry, to benefit for all. Our Declaration of Equality outlines our qualitative ambitions,  while our strategic female growth initiative ensures our quantitative ambitions. Netlight founded the industry wide equality interest group TechEq, Purple Pill to engage men in gender equality, as well as the international network of female IT professionals called The Code Pub, which currently has over 5000 members.

We firmly and fundamentally believe that we are all equal.

Being a role model is not something that you can call yourself. Nothing you can compete in. Our ambition is to go to market as a role model, to inspire instead of competing. Therefore we are proud and grateful for the recognition we have received throughout the years.

In the end, though the personal testimonies from those who have experienced Netlight first hand, that can be found for example sites such as Kununu and Glassdoor, are the ones we are most proud of. We are proud of them because they tell the story of who we really are. A story in which we are role models.

As a role model in the industry, we want to lower our environmental impact to help save the climate. Among other things, we have a Climate first policy including a Train first policy, a Veggie first policy and a carbon offset plan, as well as offsetting for the estimated personal carbon footprint 11 tons of CO2 per Netlighter annually. As part of our carbon offsetting plan, we’ve teamed up with Go Climate to help funding climate investments in the developing world. Our goal is to lower our emissions with 16% per year to meet the Paris agreement climate goals. Together we can make the world a better place.

Sustainability Report 2021

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for Netlight Consulting AB, Stockholm.
ISO 9001: Quality Policy (SWE)
ISO 14001: Environmental Policy (SWE)

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