Grow talent

Inspiration. Regardless of whether you are working for or with Netlight, you do it to be inspired by the outstanding people around you.

Genuine consultants don’t grow on trees

We are always looking for talent and continuously develop them in order to offer our clients outstanding consultants. Our consultants have an opportunity to both become and work together with the best.

We want you; if you have a genuine interest in IT, always aim to find smart solutions, and are creative and social. You have a Master’s degree or corresponding. You have excellent language skills within at least one of the following languages; Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish or German. We would like to see that you are one of the best in your area of expertise. We work within all parts of IT, from management to system development.

The criteria in the recruitment process are based on COMPETENCE, CREATIVITY and BUSINESS SENSE.

Only the best will receive an offer to join Netlight. The interview process consists of three stages.

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In stage one; you will meet a person who works within Talent Search and Talent Management at Netlight. The focus is to decide if you and Netlight would make a good match.

In the second stage, you will meet a senior consultant at Netlight who will evaluate your competence and skillset.

In the third stage, you meet with a partner at Netlight who will ensure that you are the right person for Netlight, i.e. have the competence, creativity and business sense required in order to get an employment offer.

The criteria in the recruitment process are based on COMPETENCE, CREATIVITY and BUSINESS SENSE.. These are the same characteristics that are the foundation of your career development at Netlight. 

To recruit talent requires responsibility to further develop it

Every consultant at Netlight is assigned a mentor who guides the consultant through his/her career and personal development. The mentor is a core component in the development plan for genuine consultants at Netlight.

COMPETENCE, CREATIVITY AND BUSINESS SENSE are the core values that create genuine consultants. These core values ensure that Netlight always will deliver tangible results and tailored solutions in accordance with the conditions and business objectives of our clients. These values are also reflected in our career development. The core values have been decomposed to define the requirements we set on our consultants as well as how we determine the consultants independent development goals.

THE MENTOR guides the consultant and continuously keeps challenging them to develop further as a consultant within engagements at Netlight.

NETLIGHT UNIVERSITY develops and challenges the best consultants in the industry i.e. educate genuine consultants.

Genuine Consulting is a series of educational levels spanning over several years and is one example of how Netlight secure higher professionalism in our consultants. The different educational levels are tightly connected to the consultant’s career and training program. Genuine Consulting focuses on the role of a consultant, themes include e.g. business relationships, leadership, communication and problem solving.

GREENHOUSE – For young talents, the career starts with Netlight’s unique education program with a combination of theoretical exercises and immediate practical experience as a consultant. We look for and recruit candidates to Greenhouse continuously. The program is the fastest and most challenging way into Netlight and your career. 

Engage in challenge

Professionalism. People don’t know how much you know, until they know how much you care. Netlight’s offer is characterized by concern and holistic understanding.

Where IT is business critical

Netlight’s mission is to help our clients actualize opportunities or to solve critical problems. To achieve our mission Netlight offers both a comprehensive range of IT services and true industry understanding.

Netlight provides technical and management consulting services to challenging projects, in long-term relationships with clients, where IT is business critical.

Netlight’s technical consulting services provide solutions whenever our client’s standard system is not up to the task. Netlight’s services include high quality IT solutions covering the whole chain from project management, architecture to development and execution. Our competence includes COTS and open source products, as well as state of the art methods and frameworks. As an independent consulting firm, Netlight always chooses method and solution with respect to the specific needs of our clients.

Netlight’s management consulting offer includes strategy consulting and management support services. Services include leadership, organizational changes, pre-studies, independent analyses, business development, IT strategy, and IT governance.

Irrespective of which industry, Netlight’s customers are result oriented industry leaders to whom IT is business critical.

Netlight combines technical knowledge with industry experience. Netlight operates primarily in the finance, retail, gambling, media and IT/telecom industries, both in public and private sectors. Netlight’s cross industry competence is of vital importance to our objective of creating valuable results.

Irrespective of which industry, Netlight’s customers are result oriented industry leaders to whom IT is business critical. We help them realize their opportunities or solve critical problems, and thus distancing themselves from competitors..

Engagement management

Netlight operates where IT is business critical and we distinguish ourselves in the industry by our outstanding record of creating value for our clients as well as a quality mindset.

To deliver tangible result of significant value at all times, it all starts with a Perfect Match – Netlights model to initiate a client engagement.

  • Perfect Match between Netlight and the client, where we take on the challenge to solve problems or realize an opportunity.
  • Perfect Match between the client and the consultants, to take responsibility for the needs with all parties and thereby secure the solution.
  • Perfect Match between consultants and Netlight, Netlight creates platforms and venues for cooperation and knowledge transfer, adapted to each engagement.

The perfect assignment is called an engagement.

Netlight’s Engagement Managers always engage all parts of Netlight, i.e. all consultants and Netlight’s total competence in finding the Perfect Match.

The role of the Engagement Manager is of vital importance to achieve a Perfect Match. By directing the responsibility for Netlight’s engagements to a small group of specialized, senior consultants we ensure that we fully understand the complexity of all engagements from both the consultant’s and the client’s point of view.

Our engagement managers and the concept of Perfect Match makes Netlight unbeatable in terms of creating the perfect conditions for a success when we engage in every challenge..

Create together

To create a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts is the ultimate goal for any consulting firm.

EDGE competence

Genuine consultants are at the forefront of clients’ and industries’ current demands to be able to provide them with current valuable competence. Netlight calls this EDGE.

Working with genuine consultants is of the highest importance for companies and industries as a mean to stay modern and up-to-date with the newest technologies.

EDGE summarizes the ways Netlight maintain, develop and share current valuable competences and knowledge in relevant areas such as: new technologies, branch specific knowledge and best practices. EDGE differentiates Netlight and makes sure we can always provide the best solution, based entirely on the client’s wants and needs. EDGE derives from the strategic needs of Netlight’s core industries and ensures that Netlight stays up-to-date and always can provide the most suitable action in line with our client’s business objectives..

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One Netlight

For the whole to be greater than its parts, i.e. the individual consultants, Netlight ensures each engagement is effectively backed up by Netlight’s collective experience and common processes.

The key to effective knowledge sharing of current valuable competence is all about creating a social competence network.

  • On a business level ONE NETLIGHT is about Netlight being one unified firm with boundless identity.
  • On an individual level ONE NETLIGHT is about consultants cooperating and creates networks.
  • On process level ONE NETLIGHT ensures that our clients will benefit from our full competence, it is all about Solution Management.

Every time Netlight commits to a new engagement, we assign a responsible Solution Manager in addition to the consultants assigned to the project. This ensures that reliable excellence can be expected from the delivery. The Solution Manager’s primarily role is as a support function adding additional industry and solution expertise.

The key to effective knowledge sharing of current valuable competence is all about creating a social competence network.

ALL SOLUTION MANAGERS at Netlight are part of Netlight’s Solution Board. This group of senior consultants is responsible for managing best practices as well as highlighting current challenges in active assignments. The forum allows for handling complex and particularly challenging tasks with focused support from Netlight’s most senior consultants. The Solution Manager provides deep insight to individual consultant’s competence and within the Solution Board knowledge about who knows what at Netlight is constantly being shared.

Each engagement is tied to one or several of Netlight’s Competence cells. Through these support functions senior consultants can back-up the engagement with industry specific experience and relevant solution areas at hand.

All of these elements ensure that Netlight can act as a genuine consultant firm, based on pure knowledge management, beyond individual capability..