Netlight ranked #1 Great Place to Work

Netlight is now officially a Great Place to Work in Finland, Norway, Germany and Sweden. Netlight has done something unheard of since Great Place to Work started back in 2002, no company ever has been ranked No 1 the first time they are apart of the survey. 96 % of us think that Netlight is a Great Place to Work. At Europe’s top 25 large companies only 89 % state the same. Among the world’s fast growing IT companies only 91 %.


– I think a “Great Place to Work” is actually a much better name than “Most Attractive Employer”. I don’t consider neither myself or Netlight an employer. And I don’t think we would be neither attractive, nor great if we were. Netlight is not an employer, it’s just us. The reason I personally feel this is a great place to work is my everyday experience, meeting the warmth of the people who work at Netlight every morning, then immediately taking on small and big challenges and never having to be alone, having lunch philosophizing over Netlight, back to challenges, meetups, dinners and parties always leaving me with a smile on my face, Erik Ringertz, CEO at Netlight.

Interview in the Swedish business magazine with Erik Ringertz about the award (in Swedish): Årets bästa arbetsplats jobbar som en fågelflock
Read the interview in English: This years “Best place to work” – works as a flock of birds