Harder Better Faster Stronger

Netlight’s book about leadership and organisation. Erik Ringertz, CEO of Netlight shares our vision of a human and natural leadership together with co-writer and journalist Fredrik Emdén. It is a story of a company without managers, without job titles, and without corporate values on coffee cups. We strive for a modern leadership, but still, we organise our businesses as if it was the 17th century. We know that people are happier when they can affect their own work situation, yet we treat our employees as cogs in a machinery.

Does it have to be like this?
Harder Better Faster Stronger challenges the common views on how a company is organised and managed. The book not only challenges you to think outside the box, but asks you to consider the possibility of blowing it up in order to allow something new to grow out of the ground. It is the story of a company that grows organically, from the inside out, and where all parts of the business are connected. The book borrows ideas from Karin Boye, Daft Punk, The Matrix, and Harry Potter, and at the same time tells the story of one of Sweden’s most successful consultancy companies.

Leadership is a conversation. This is why we recommend a three-book package, perfect for book clubs. Start reading, take notes, discuss and share whatever it is that you like, find strange or makes you smile and tag with #hbfs #hbfslol or #hbfsomg for the rest of us to follow on social media. Join the conversation.

Available in bookstores online.

The book will be released in Germany September 16 2019 and can be pre-ordered here.


Erik Ringertz speaking at the Gothenburg Book Fair, Friday, September 28th

Press release: New ideas for tomorrow’s leadership and organisation


Behind the mask of the authors of Harder Better Faster Stronger
Get behind the scenes of the film production to feature the brand new management book. The horse masks symbolize Netlight and are also a homage to the French band Daft Punk who never perform without their robot masks, and the book is named after their song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Read Erik Ringertz and Fredrik Emdéns blog post here.

Book Teaser Trailers

Chapter 1
To grow from the inside out

Chapter 2
Great bar hang out

Chapter 3
Responsibility within freedom

Chapter 4
Passion before competition at work

Chapter 5 
Organization as collaborative art – because company culture is culture

Do we have to follow the rules? What if the rules are wrong?
In order to change the common view on leadership, we must get to the bottom of why we do as we do.


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