Competence has no gender

The future is equal, and we’re creating it. To rapidly improve gender equality at Netlight, we have initiated Vostok, inspired by the first woman travelling into space. Join our journey!

Netlight is a meritocracy. We strongly believe that competence has no gender. We put pride in delivering high value to our clients and diversity is imperative to achieve it. The best solutions are based on skills, expertise and experiences in collaboration. Therefore we have initiated Vostok, inspired of the first woman in space, as a strategy to increase the amount of women within IT and management consultancy.

Being a successful company in a male dominated industry, what we do will have an impact. We want to change the world. Do you care to join us?.

Join the wave!
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The criteria in the recruitment process are based on competence, creativity and business sense. Not gender.



Vostok – The Movie

Gender equality concerns both women and men

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The Code Pub

Want to know more about The Code Pub, our monthly meetup for women in tech?

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The Code Pub – who is it for?

THE CODE PUB is a meet-up for women who want to learn more about IT and open for beginners as well as professionals. Our goal is to create a platform where one can BE INSPIRED AND INSPIRE OTHERS while BECOMING A BETTER DEVELOPER.

How did the Code Pub start?

The Code Pub was created by Netlight in the spring of 2013 with the purpose of increasing the number of women in the IT industry. By lowering the threshold for getting started with programming and highlighting female role models within IT, we believe that we can make a difference. In order to have a bigger impact on the entire industry we work together with other cool IT companies and they will be hosting occasional Code Pub meet-ups.

What do you get to do during a The Code Pub meetup?

During the evening one or more different tracks will be available. One common activity at The Code Pub is called “Open Space” and basically means that you hang out with cool people while you’re working on your own tech project, learning a new language with Codecademy or writing your first line of code. Furthermore one or two cases are occasionally available for those who have done some programming before. Additionally there’s sometimes an inspirational guest speaker available. Learn more on The Code Pub’s local web pages.

How do I join the The Code Pub?

If you want to join one of The Code Pub meetups, all you have to do is go to the local site in order to RSVP.

The Code Pub – Stockholm
The Code Pub – Oslo 
The Code Pub – Munich 

You can also join the community on Facebook where you will get the latest news about interesting meetups and also be able to engage in relevant discussions.

The Code Pub – Stockholm 
The Code Pub – Oslo 
The Code Pub – Munich  

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

For companies – Sharing is Caring

If your company would like to host a Code Pub meetup, just send an e-mail to to get more information. The more people we are who are working with improving gender equality in the IT industry, the bigger the impact will be.

Vostok is genuine consulting at it’s best

With Vostok Netlight is taking equality to a new strategic level. Achieving equality leadership focusing on female growth is strategically comparable to our international expansion.

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  • Vostok gives special consideration to sources of female talent.
  • Vostok is crucial to prevent us from blind spots and to retain sharpness in recruitment.
  • Through Vostok we broaden our knowledge range and the depth of our solutions further and live up to our genuine consulting ideals.

Netlight is a value driven company and equality is fully in line with those values. Equality is an integrated part in our business and our management. No doubt that is the main reason why Vostok has such an obvious place at Netlight.

Personally I am very proud of equality at Netlight in general and Vostok in particular. For me it is a major reason for working at Netlight, and I hope existing and future employees feel the same.

Erik Ringertz

Erik Ringertz – CEO

The Vostok way to success

There are several well established success factors for achieving gender equality. This is how they are implemented at Netlight.

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Meritocracy is imperative to equality. At Netlight success is based on performance and ability to share knowledge with colleagues and clients. Therefore we have a career ladder based on responsibility and deliveries. Success is based on what you do, not who you are.

Business models for equality

Equality is imperative to Netlight’s business and a prerequisite to deliver high qualitative results. This is regulated in all Netlight’s contracts signed by our clients and employees. We can’t afford gender prejudices, nor can our clients.

Open salary model

At Netlight we have an open model for salaries with full transparency. This gives no room for injustice between men and women. There are no individual salary components, Netlight success is based on teamwork.

Focus on the individual

Equality can only be achieved with a focus on the individuals. All Netlighters are assigned a personal mentor to tailor the career individually.

Equality in upper management

A prerequisite for diversity in a company is a diversified management group. 50% of Netlight management are women.

Awareness of equality in upper management

Equality work will only succeed if genuinely supported from top management. The work for equality is initiated by upper management and Netlight’s board as considered imperative to Netlight’s success.


Netlight is a marathon and a sustainable lifestyle. We don’t put working overtime in system and we are flexible with time so that you can pick up your kids from kinder garden, play floor ball elite or learn Japanese.

Transparency in recruitments

Recruitment at Netlight is based on core values competence, creativity and business sense, not gender. Interviewers are educated in unconscious bias, and all working at Netlight, sharing Netlight values and to guarantee Netlight quality. No external head hunters are used.

Vostok – Let’s do it

Netlight tries to be where it matters when it matters. In most recent times activities under the Vostok initiative have multiplied.

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  • Equality Ambassadeur Hired To increase the amount of women at all Netlight offices
  • Appointed Equality Drivers In the recruitment teams for each office.
  • Workshops in Munich, Stockholm and Oslo On how to enforce the Vostok initiative with everyone at Netlight.
  • Educating about Unconcious Bias By Add Gender Add Gender held a lecture about unconscious bias for all Netlight  interviewers
  • Lecture on Big Business in Equality by Gina Sharro Gina Sharro from eQuals AB gave a lecture on big business in equality to raise consciousness
  • Equality Week at KTH Netlight attends equality week by female student network Malvina.
  • Workshop with KTH Students On what Netlight can do to increase the number of female IT students.
  • Joining Networks, Oslo We’ve joined ODA, Jenter og IT, ADA and other female networks in Oslo. Also representing at DigIT
  • International Women’s day The International Women’s day was celebrated at all offices
  • Vostok party A great party at the Stockholm office with the focus on acting to improve gender equality
  • Netlight Celebrates Valentinas Day 50 years since first woman in space celebrated at Universities in Oslo, Munich and Stockholm
  • Netlight Seminar at linköping university About equality in the IT sector, to inspire women to choose a career within IT
  • Event for Malvina members We organize an event for the female Network Malvina
  • Torsdagsklubben – IT Meet up for females A meet up at the office. Be inspired, inspire others and improve your IT developing skills. #TKNetlight

There are many fine initiatives out there

As is the case in all things, we strive towards having role models that we can cooperate with and learn from. These are some of them.